The Warehouse USA

can manage all of

your 3PL needs


Local Pick Up & Delivery

The Warehouse USA can schedule Pick Up & Delivery service for your freight 7 days a week. Regular shipments can be scheduled in advance to ensure the proper vehicle is available at exactly the time required.

We also provide Expedited P&D for customer’s freight with special requirements

Rush Delivery - for that last minute shipment that needs to be delivered quickly.

Same Day Delivery - offered at a reduced rate for shipments that do not require rush service.

Next Day Service - for shipments which can picked up and held to meet your customer's receiving schedule.

When to choose our Expedited P&D Services

When you need to meet your customer's delivery deadline, protect your freight, or save money, the right choice could be Expedited Pick Up & Delivery.

When every minute matters
Sometimes, every minute matters. Most destinations up to 600 miles from Dallas, Texas can be reached in less then 10 hours. Your shipment that is ready at noon can already be delivered to your customer when the overnight shipment is still sitting on a dock the next morning.

When your shipment is too important to risk damage or loss
Expedited trucks take your shipment directly from source to destination.This removes the risk of your freight being lost or damaged when that truck makes additional pick ups, or when your freight is being cross docked and reloaded onto another truck or plane.

When you want to save money
Expedited trucks can be less expensive than airfreight on shipments as small as 300 pounds, depending on the destination. Since we charge by the mile and not by weight, your heavier shipments may also cost less to ship expedited truck than LTL.

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