August 28, 2018 11:40AM
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 Today, overseas warehouses are increasingly becoming the gospel of exporting foreign trade. It breaks the restrictions on the weight and size of goods, goes beyond the speed of many transnational logistics, greatly improves the buyer's purchase experience, and promotes the development of cross-border sellers'enterprises.

Overseas warehouse is a service integrating purchasing management, warehousing management, order management, inventory management and logistics distribution management tailored for cross-border sellers. The seller only needs to deposit the goods in the warehouse of the logistics supplier, and they can finish all the operations of the logistics links, such as warehousing quality inspection, goods on shelves, inventory management, receiving orders, order sorting, order review, multi-channel delivery, etc.


The operation process of overseas warehouse is as follows:

Seller's preliminary preparation

Registered memberOpen background account and become a member


Create your own product information sheet in the background system

Begin to stock up

Waiting for shipment confirmation after confirmation of order from overseas warehouse.


Overseas warehouse use process:

Chinese sellers gather goods to the overseas warehouse center for storage by sea, air or express delivery, and issue operating instructions through the logistics carrier's inventory management system.

The specific process is as follows:

1The seller shall ship the goods to the overseas warehouse center or entrust the forwarder to ship the goods to the warehouse outside the sea of the forwarder.

The international freight can be transported to the warehouse by sea, air or express.


2The seller manages the overseas storage on line.

The seller uses the logistics information system of the logistics provider to remotely operate the goods stored overseas and keep it updated in real time.


3Follow the seller's instructions.

According to the automated operation equipment of the overseas warehouse center of the logistics provider, the goods are stored, sorted, packed and distributed strictly according to the seller's instructions.


4Real time updating of system information.

After the delivery is completed, the system will be updated in time so that the seller can grasp the inventory status in real time.


Cost analysis of overseas warehouse:

Oversea storage expenses = Freight rate + Warehousing and handling charges+ Local distribution cost

Freight rate: The freight generated by the goods from China to overseas warehouses.

Warehousing and handling charges:The cost of customer goods stored in overseas warehouses and handling local distribution.

Local distribution cost :Refers to the local express delivery cost in the United States for the distribution of customer goods.


Overseas warehouse can put limited enterprise resources into the core business of order creation.Cross-border sellers can easily achieve one-stop control and management of goods online. This is conducive to the development of cross-border sellers themselves. TWUSA has professional overseas warehouse service system and perfect warehouse management system, providing one-stop logistics service for cross-border e-commerce.

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