August 28, 2018 11:36AM
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Today, FBA is enthusiastically pursued by cross-border e-commerce sellers, and has gradually become the only way for cross-border electricity providers. As an important node of cross-border sellers, overseas warehouses are also a recent stronghold for consumers. In the face of the FBA US overseas warehouses that bloom everywhere, the sellers sometimes can't help but be blinded , do not know how to choose.


How to choose a FBA overseas warehouse that suits you? You can consider the following aspects:


Integrated head operation

The first step is the key to the safety of the whole cross-border logistics chain. TWUSA supports the seamless docking of FBA warehouses, provides the first-class logistics service from China to the United States, integrates the domestic and foreign logistics resources, effectively saves the first-class freight, and shortens the time limit from China to the United States.

TWUSA has three overseas warehouses in the United States, which are located in Dallas, Phoenix and Lexington. Its headquarters in Dallas, Central America. Dallas is the largest metropolis in the south-central United States. It is located in the economic and transportation center and has the third busiest airport in the world, which is in an important area of logistics. Its logistics industry is developed, and it is the main logistics and transportation hub in the United States, which can cover all the local distribution in the United States.


Professional teams provide services in China

An overseas warehouse service with a domestic professional team will be well regulated before shipment to an overseas warehouse to maximize the avoidance of problems and additional costs overseas. TWUSA has more than 30 years of experience in warehousing, distribution and supply chain services. It has a professional team in China to provide cross-border logistics integration services for sellers.


Provide mature management system

   The mature, smooth, efficient and reliable overseas warehouse system is the key to whether an overseas warehouse can complete the whole process efficiently. TWUSA provides efficient system management services. Based on the powerful WMS system and OMS system, it provides customers with the most advanced cross-border logistics technology and system services.


Comprehensive warehouse service

     A comprehensive warehousing service is a guarantee of peace of mind for sellers. TWUSA has a large professional warehouse, fully supporting foreign trade B2C and B2B business. The overseas warehouse of TWUSA provides you with diversified services such as return processing, FBA transhipment, distribution and so on. According to your needs, we can tailor the personalized storage and distribution solutions for enterprises.


Hardware technical support

     High quality and reliable cross-border services must rely on perfect system implementation. Hardware refers to whether the system and technology of overseas warehouse are perfect. Based on foreign trade ERP system and professional technical team, TWUSA supports the platform API connection and provides one-stop e-commerce distribution service for foreign trade enterprises. TWUSA also connects with well-known overseas delivery companies UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx to realize seamless docking of foreign delivery systems.


The choice of the American FBA is not difficult. The only difficulty is how to choose an overseas warehouse that is suitable for both you and the service. The overseas warehouse of TWUSA provides cross-border e-commerce enterprises with one-stop whole-process logistics services, diversified services, rapid access, and sincerely waiting for your choice.

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