August 28, 2018 11:31AM
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Recently, many customers came to consult. Some customers are not familiar with the overseas warehouse from the conversation, so they don't know what benefits the overseas warehouse model can bring to them .So today, I will tell you about it.


Advantages of overseas warehouses

1. Reduce logistics costs and customs clearance costs

Cross-border sellers export goods to overseas warehouses in the form of general trade. The goods are delivered in batches in the form of batches, which is more cost-effective than using international express delivery. Some products can also enjoy the export tax rebate policy.


2. Reduce delivery time and increase customer satisfaction

For instanceat the same time, commercial express delivery from the United States to the seller, small package 7-15 days, express 3-7 days, sometimes even longer. If you use the overseas warehouse to ship locally, it only takes about 2 days. It is more than one or two times shorter than the domestic delivery time. Overseas warehouses speed up delivery and shorten delivery time, which shortens the time of the entire order transaction. To enable consumers to enjoy localized shopping, it is easier to get the seller's trust and enhance customer satisfaction.


3. Can return and exchange goods, improve the shopping experience of overseas buyers

Every buyer pays great attention to the after-sales service,and overseas buyers are no exception. If the overseas buyer purchases the product, because the various factors need to be returned, it will be very uneconomical if the seller lets the buyer return the goods to China. It would be much more convenient to retreat to overseas warehouses. Overseas warehouses can provide buyers with return and exchange services, which can also improve the buyer's shopping experience and increase the buyer's repeated purchase rate.


4. Help expand product SKU, improve market share

It doesn't need to be talked about. Why do the sellers want to make an overseas warehouse? Because using overseas warehouses can make more money, sell more products, and occupy a bigger market. It helps to increase product exposure, form brand effect, scale effect, and increase product competition rate.


5. To make the seller more rigorous in the selection problem

Products that are stocked in overseas warehouses need to ensure quality on the one hand, and need to meet the needs of local buyers on the other hand, so that sellers can make profits. In this case, the seller will be more rigorous about the issue of the selection.


6. Shorten trade processes and reduce trade risks

Sending goods to overseas warehouses is equivalent to outsourcing the warehousing and distribution business to overseas warehouse service providers. Overseas warehouse service providers have more professional teams and rich warehouse management experience in line with local conditions. As long as the seller issues an order delivery order, they will process the order for the seller. Sellers no longer have to spend time on product warehousing, inventory counting and package delivery.


7. Effectively avoid logistics peaks

Take the festival as an example, on holidays in western countries such as Christmas, Halloween, or black five, domestic sellers will concentrate on a large number of shipments after the festival, which will seriously affect the speed of the international logistics business, and then affect the time of the buyer's receiving. The long wait will make buyers feel dissatisfied and even cancel orders, which will easily lead sellers to lose customers. But at this time, the advantages of overseas warehouses are highlighted. The seller has sent the goods to the overseas warehouse in advance, so long as the instruction is delivered locally, not to be disturbed by the high logistics front.

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