The Warehouse USA

can manage all of

your 3PL needs


Supply Chain


The Warehouse USA leverages freight consolidation and intelligent logistics to properly route your freight in the most cost-effective manner.


No matter how your product is packaged and ordered, we have a solution for your needs. We have experience shipping to major retailers, catalogs, government agencies, as well as individuals across the globe.


Immediately upon shipment of product orders we issue a report / e-mail confirmation. Carrier and tracking information is hot-linked to the carrier's web site.

Vendor Compliance

Avoiding Charge backs (financial penalties for non-compliance) is crucial to a company's financial success. The Warehouse USA will ensure that your company is in full compliance with your customer’s unique requirements and we are well-versed in the procedures required by all major retailers.


The fulfillment process begins with getting your goods to our dock. We carefully verify everything  in a stringent receiving process to identify and eliminate inventory errors and supply chain problems. Once received, inventory is labeled and bar-coded in it’s special zone.


Your products are stored in our centrally located fulfillment center in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - one of the best places in the United States for fulfillment centers. With its central location and reliable work force, this area of North Texas has become a smart choice for all types of fulfillment operations

Order Processing

Your orders may arrive to The Warehouse via a web site, e-mail, phone, fax or mail. Web and E-mail orders are imported automatically. Phone, mail and fax orders are immediately input into our fulfillment system upon arrival.

Pick, Pack & Ship Orders

Orders are fulfilled quickly with web orders typically pick and packed shortly after being placed.

The Warehouse USA can manage your product from ship to store. We efficiently manage your materials, information, and finances as they move from the manufacturer or supplier to the wholesaler or retailer to consumer. We coordinate and integrate these processes to achieve effective supply chain management to reduce your costs in shipping, storage and inventory.

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